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STEM education

5 Things STEM Education Is (and 5 Things It’s NOT)

Go beyond the acronym to optimize the potential of STEM education and prepare students for the future by boosting their 21st century skills. As more letters are added to the […]

job crafting

Find a Renewed Interest in Teaching by Job Crafting

Teachers often feel overwhelmed, overworked, and underappreciated. Resist burnout and find renewed joy in teaching through job crafting. The new school year has only just begun, offering a fresh opportunity […]


Teacher Tools to Know: Animoto

Looking for meaningful ways to integrate technology? Seamlessly tell digital stories in the classroom with cloud-based technology from Animoto. With new technology developing constantly across industries, it’s no wonder teachers […]

long-term goals

Reaching Long-Term Goals With Students (and Their Parents)

Help your students and their parents set, manage, and meet long-term goals within and beyond the walls of your classroom. Providing quality education to students is a collaborative effort between […]

STEM event

5 Tips for Planning a Successful STEM Event

Break out of the standard science-fair model and plan an impressive STEM event to get parents and your community involved in the amazing things happening in your school. Hosting a […]

student participation

5 Ways to Increase Student Participation Among Quiet Kids

Make student participation more inclusive for your shy and anxious students by making them comfortable with classroom discussion. Students in most classrooms can be divided into three groups: those who […]


Teacher Tools to Know: Teach-nology

Overwhelmed by the amount of resources for teachers available online? Work smarter, not harder with tools available through Teach-nology. It’s a new year, which means many teachers are looking for […]

discussion techniques

5 Discussion Techniques to Encourage Student Participation

Do you feel like class discussions mostly involve you talking? Give students the lead in classroom conversations through using new discussion techniques. Starting class discussions among students can be difficult. […]

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