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Trump presidency

What a Trump Presidency Could Mean for Education

The reality of a Trump presidency has elicited a wide number of responses from people across the political spectrum — and within education. Donald Trump ran what was arguably one […]

teacher retention

How Can We Improve Teacher Retention?

Teacher retention is a massive issue that costs schools thousands of dollars and pushes valuable educators into alternative careers. According to the National Education Association, over 40 percent of teachers […]

project-based learning

Project-Based Learning in Your Geometry Classroom

Project-based learning is a great instructional approach for many subjects. Engage your geometry students with PBL activities. Project-based learning can work just as well for teaching geometry as for economics […]

4 Reasons to Teach Your Students How to Code

Children are our future. Technology is our future. Prepare tomorrow’s workforce by teaching your students how to code today. Coding, programming and web development are not only highly useful skills […]


Understanding Student-Run Parent Conferences

The idea of student-run parent conferences may sound strange, but this evaluation method is becoming more popular in schools. So, what exactly are student-run parent conferences? They’re a way of […]

Montessori education

The Montessori Education Trend

Schools that provide a Montessori education can be found across the country, but many people have no idea how they differ from traditional institutions. In a nutshell, Montessori education aims […]

effective feedback

More than Red Xs

Giving effective feedback that helps students instead of discouraging them requires planning and very intentional strokes with that red pen. As teachers, a lot of our time is spent grading […]

first day of school

Leaving Teaching: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Leaving teaching is a decision that many educators struggle with over the course of their careers. Often, teachers who feel burnt out debate whether they should return to teaching in […]

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