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Shelf Scouter: An interview for every girl and every woman you know

Shelf Scouter: A STEM Jobs Radio Exclusive Over the past two years, we’ve held fantastic and truly engaging interviews for the subjects of our web and print articles. At some […]

STEM Jobs Radio Hosts Exclusive Siri Interview

Sure, it’s a bit “old school” to have a conversation with the universally recognized virtual assistant. Yet, Siri represents one of the many emerging tools that educators have at their […]

Behind the Scenes – STEM Jobs Approved Employers

In this edition of STEM Jobs Radio, our “fearless leader” Daniel Nichols goes behind the scenes to provide an overview of the criteria, purpose and mission of our STEM Jobs […]

Thankful for STEM

Fashioneering in Your Classroom

Bringing Fashioneering into your classroom to engage students in STEM learning: An interview with 4-H Youth Development leader and University of Nebraska Associate Professor of Science and Technology, Bradley Barker. […]

When in doubt, blame the STEM educators: 100 years of finger pointing is enough

We’ve all seen the reports that echo the Business Roundtable survey of its members where more than 95 percent of CEOs indicated that their companies suffer from skills shortages. This skills shortage […]

Will Video Games Replace Teachers and Counselors?

You see it in every corner now …. video games as the answer to numerous engagement issues, from teaching students to assessing them, rehabilitation and even job screening.  Will we […]

White House Science Fair 2015: $240 Million in New STEM Commitments

I recently returned from a presentation at the ASCD National Conference in Houston, which you can download here [Part 1]  [Part 2], and one of the themes in the discussions following my presentation […]

Don’t flip out! Flip the Script on STEM Education

We have all been there … at some point in our academic career we’ve asked the question that every student asks … “When am I ever going to use this?” […]

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