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impostor syndrome

5 Ways to Overcome Impostor Syndrome

If you ever feel like a fraud or phony masquerading as an effective teacher, just waiting for someone to expose your inadequacies, you might be suffering from impostor syndrome. The […]

abuse and neglect

Ways to Recognize Abuse and Neglect

Teachers get to know a lot about their students, but how do they recognize signs of abuse and neglect among their students and get them the help they need? Abused […]

student participation

5 Ways to Support Non-Traditional Families

Students want to fit in, and teachers can help students from every background and circumstance feel just like everyone else with a plan to support non-traditional families. Supporting non-traditional families […]


Teacher Tools to Know: OK Go Sandbox

Students and teachers will have fun in the classroom with OK Go Sandbox, an online resource that connects incredible music videos and STEM concepts. Teachers can access OK Go Sandbox […]

The Forgotten Types of Assessment

The types of assessment available to teachers include two that are sometimes forgotten — benchmark and diagnostic assessments. Of the four recognized types of assessment, summative and formative are the […]


Teacher Tools to Know: WebQuests

Teachers searching for ways to make technology more meaningful should take a look at WebQuests as a tool to support inquiry-based learning. Bernie Dodge is the creator of WebQuests, which […]

student participation

Developing 21st Century Skills: Perseverance

Even if students are challenged academically, socially, or financially, perseverance can get them past obstacles to allow them to reach their goals. Perseverance is a 21st century skill because we […]

professional growth plan

Creating a Professional Growth Plan

Teachers tend to be lifelong learners by nature, but developing a professional growth plan can create a clear path to intentional learning and success. Teaching is a journey, and a […]

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