Back to school doesn’t have to mean back to basics. Begin the school year the right way by setting teacher goals!

During September’s back to school season, teacher attention is devoted to students. If teachers are focused on their students, who is looking out for these leaders in education? Allow STEM Jobs to help you start the 2016 school year with teacher goals that will keep you motivated throughout 2017.

1. Take Class Outside the Classroom

teacher goalsWhether it’s simply a walk outside to a grassy area on school grounds, or a field trip to a local park, museum, or STEM site, take class outside. By leading students outside the classroom, teachers create the opportunity to apply curriculum to the real world, showing students life beyond the confines of a building. Once the weather begins to resemble Antarctica, remember that virtual field trips can alleviate classroom cabin fever until the snow melts.

2. Read Up

Encouraging students to read often is part of every teacher’s job, regardless of the subject they teach. It’s time for educators to practice what they preach and make time for pleasure reading. Not only does pleasure reading promote cognition and provide inspiration, but it can also improve mood, which is a back to school goal that benefits everyone.

3. Maintain Low Blood Pressure

teacher goalsNo matter how much you love teaching and care about your students, there will be times when they make you crazy. That’s normal! Dealing with students, parents, and fellow faulty every day can be enough to send anyone’s blood pressure skyrocketing. By taking a few deep breaths and employing classroom-management methods, educators can maintain their sanity and health. Yelling less and teaching more is a teacher goal we can all get behind.

4. Back to School for You

Bringing coding to students in the classroom is a step every teacher should consider taking. This year, finally reach one of the most important back to school teacher goals of pursuing additional education outside teacher conferences and mandatory professional development workshops. By giving themselves the opportunity to invest time into expanding their own education, teachers will become stronger educators and with many free online courses, they need not spend a dime.

5. Enjoy the Year

teacher goalsNo one ever thinks to remind themselves to enjoy a moment while it’s happening. As teachers prepare to pursue back to school teacher goals in September, they don’t realize that May of the following year will quickly approach. Last year, STEM Jobs discussed “10 Things to Improve in the STEM Classroom in 2015” and it’s already time to plan back to school teacher goals for the start of the 2016-2017 year. Take a breath, (try to) relax, and slow down to enjoy shaping young minds.

Savor the experience of being a teacher and take a few minutes every day to recognize student progress and personal accomplishments surrounding back to school teacher goals. As Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

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