Join Facebook groups for STEM teachers to learn from and engage with peers (without the cat videos or political rantings).

Using Facebook can sometimes feel overwhelming, whether friends are posting their children’s back-to-school pictures (teachers know — they’re there!), parents are sharing angry political messages, or another personality quiz pops up, using the app is exhausting. Start making Facebook work as an excellent tool for networking and learning. Move past the political vitriol and cat videos to use Facebook as a valuable tool for collaborating with other STEM educators by joining these Facebook groups for STEM teachers.

NGSS Biology Teachers

Facebook groups for STEM teachersAs one of the many closed Facebook groups for STEM teachers, NGSS Biology Teachers promises an environment of peers. The goal of this group is to serve as a resource for biology educators as they incorporate Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) into their classrooms. Members of the group are encouraged to share any advice, lesson planning tips, and constructive input that can improve the methods other teachers use to approach biology according to NGSS.