I applaud kids who strive on wanting to figure out the complexity of engineering and problem solving.Engineering is a tough subject that most students shy away from, however we need to not only encourage children to explore the fascinating world of engineering, but to also keep their interests peaked by exploring resources to explore their interests.

You can even major in ice cream!!! …. No really.

Problem solving is very important for girls and boys to learn. As Albert Einstein said, “If I had only 1 hour to save the world, I would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and only 5 minutes finding the solution.” Here are some of the best online engineering resources for kids.

Science Kids: Fun Science & Technology for Kids


This is a great online resource for children, teachers AND parents. It not only includes interesting engineer topics for kids, like bridge building and car engines, but has an array of free games, fun facts and cool videos. The concept of engineering can be challenging and confusing to some kids, but Science Kids, breaks it down and puts it into a format for kids to understand. Having a free online tool that’s not only practical but fun will help kids succeed in school, prepare for their careers and utilize engineering in everyday life.

Tech Rocket


Tech Rocket is this generations “Knowledge is Power” mantra. This fantastic online resource is geared towards kids and teens whom want to learn the ins and outs of coding, game design and even graphic design. Tech Rocket has grasped the concept of making learning fun all year round and the online forum they have is a great tool to connect the STEM community. Parents and educators will appreciate their safety policy in COPPA compliance rules and regulations. They want learning to be fun, but also safe.

Discover E


Discover E works with over 100 organizations and is a great online platform, specifically for volunteer communities. Their outreach is not only geared towards education but volunteerism as well. Educators as well as employers can utilize this hub to bring the technology community together and also give back to public through amazing programs and resources. Not only are these volunteers able to make a difference, but Discover E provides networking and support through out.

Curiosity Machine


Curiosity Machine is a free online tool, geared towards challenging kids and really utilizing their skills. There are many design processes that you can work through with a parent or teacher and at the end, receive feedback from real-live engineer! There’s a plethora of mentors (from around the globe) at your fingertips, eager to answer questions and provide useful feedback. This learning platform is simple and easy to use and the materials used can even be purchased in a grocery store. Kids can start small and build on their ideas as they progress through each course and the creative process makes science more fun!

Engineering is Elementary


Created by the professionals at the Museum of Science in Boston, Engineering is Elementary focuses on three main platforms: “curriculum development and dissemination, professional development (PD) for teachers and teach educators and educational research and evaluation.” Teachers grades K-8 will appreciate this online tool because it will guide each and every one of you professional engineering and technology workshops. The building and construction of design challenges will help students grasp a better understand of why engineering is important and why they are being taught the subject in schools.

Try Engineering


Try Engineering is a basic resource for helping kids understand what engineering is and why it’s useful for our future. Students will be able to find specifics and disciplines of engineering careers, engineering internships, detailed experiences of actual engineers, and a plethora of activities. A future career in engineering can be confusing and Try Engineering is like an online advisor for students helping to guide students, parents and educators by breaking down the process and making it simple.

To be an engineer is to make things happen and with a diversity of interests, your bound to find something that sparks your interests. With an Engineering degree, you can possibly make the future a reality and change the world.