STEM gifts5. Apple for the Teacher ($14.95)

Squeeze away stress all the way until June 2017! It’s not a Granny Smith, but using this type of apple a day will keep the stress away. This apple-shaped stress ball provides an outlet to teachers who are having a rough day, or simply need to discover clarity. The best part? You get 12 of them in your order, so you can hand them out to students who are having a bad day, experiencing trouble focusing, or struggling with ADHD. Talk about STEM gifts that keep on giving!

Teachers who are feeling especially generous this holiday season can encourage students to help solve a national or global issue that was discussed in class earlier in the year. Encourage kids to make a donation to benefit a worthy cause or use Amazon Smile when purchasing STEM gifts. Not only is this the season for teacher STEM gifts, ’tis also the time of year for love and generosity.

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