Schools are preparing students for the business world, so it makes sense to pull inspiration from business principles to approach education in a new way.

While few of us would compare our classrooms to a company, there are many business principles in the corporate world that can benefit the classroom at any grade level. No, we’re not talking about firing under-performers or handing out lavish bonuses to those who exceed their goals, but there are some things that drive the business world that can have a positive impact in our schools. Explore these five business principles that can start impacting your classroom today.

1. Creating Culture

business principlesCorporate culture is a buzzy term in the business world, and for good reason. Companies like Amazon and Google look to hire people who will fit their culture, and are willing to train them if they lack the exact skills required to do the jobs the companies need. School culture has also been a major point of discussion as districts look for ways to combat bullying, racism, and sexism in their schools. Teachers should look to the types of cultures major corporations are creating for inspiration when deciding upon the norms and expectations for their classrooms. The type of culture you establish says a lot about you as a teacher and sets the tone for student behavior and achievement.