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Best Practices in STEM: High School Students Compete in STEM Jobs competition

A significant part of our mission at STEM Jobs is to share best practices in STEM – specifically those practices that connect classrooms to careers. With the school year nearing […]

Inspire Your Students to Pursue STEM Careers: Strategy 3

Welcome to post 3 in our series that lays out the strategies in our STEM teacher guidebook (available for download end of Mar. 2014). This guide was written by: Dr. […]

Connect STEM Type Quiz with Hot Logistics Jobs

Logistics coordinates and controls the material resources of a business, keeping tabs on the process of how these materials are ordered, stored and transported. Essentially, logisticians make the trains run […]

What is a STEM Job?

As an employer, career counselor, educator or job seeker, how do you know if a job or career field is classified as STEM—science, technology, engineering or math—or not STEM?  STEM […]

In Purdue of STEM education

We had an opportunity recently to interview Dr. James Caruthers, Reilly Professor of Chemical Engineering and chief proponent of STEM at Purdue University.  As a decorated, published and widely traveled […]

Survey for Post-Secondary Educators

6 Reasons That STEM Should Be A Top College Recruiting Priority

1) Reduce the STEM recruitment gap for women and minorities.  74% of all STEM jobs are held by non-hispanic whites and are predominantly male.  Students divert away from STEM subjects […]

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