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What is STEM?

Many people are talking about the benefits of STEM education, but what is STEM and why is it important? What is STEM? STEM is the acronym for the subjects of […]

Space Careers - Study Abroad

5 Study Abroad Schools for Students Seeking Space Careers

Space careers are a dream for many of today’s students. Since the beginning of 2015, space exploration has been a hot topic. From the media coverage of Mars One’s search […]

STEM Today: Obama Orders World’s Fastest Supercomputer

President Obama wants to build the world’s fastest computer, and he wants it to be completed within the next ten years. Obama’s goal is to build a machine that is […]

STEM Today: Plankton in the Southern Ocean Adds Light to Cloudy Skies

A new study on the Southern Ocean demonstrates the importance of even the tiniest life forms in maintaining natural balance. The study, published in the journal Science Advances, focuses on […]

When in doubt, blame the STEM educators: 100 years of finger pointing is enough

We’ve all seen the reports that echo the Business Roundtable survey of its members where more than 95 percent of CEOs indicated that their companies suffer from skills shortages. This skills shortage […]

7 Reasons to invest in a STEM recruiting program

Why invest in a STEM recruiting program? Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is more than a means of classifying jobs, it’s a means of categorizing and quantifying the skill […]

STEM Jobs Approved Lincoln Technical Institute

STEM Top Priority for Business Leaders

STEM is the Top Priority for Business Leaders in 2015 STEM skills are back in the public hot-seat after back to back news releases in as many weeks.  On December […]

Employers Can Improve STEM Workforce Diversity

Many employers face challenges in finding employees with STEM skills, particularly as American demographics continue to change.  The current make-up of the U.S. STEM workforce is primarily more white and […]

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