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Competitive Companies Hire STEM

By Jolene Jefferies, Workforce Sage and Chair, STEM Advisory Council When it comes to STEM, particularly for talent recruiters, it’s about supply and demand.  Just ask any employment expert about […]

What is a STEM Job?

As an employer, career counselor, educator or job seeker, how do you know if a job or career field is classified as STEM—science, technology, engineering or math—or not STEM?  STEM […]

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Indeed, these are important STEM skills

If you have never investigated’s employment trends reports ( please allow me to introduce you!  For many of us operating in education and employment, we rely on federal statistical […]

High Growth Opportunities In STEM For Every Degree Level

Technical knowhow is becoming increasingly important for workers in all job areas and industries in the US job.  A recent survey by Deloitte found that 83% of manufacturers reported a […]

Job Characteristics That Attract STEM Students

ACHIEVEMENT Jobs that allow workers to use the best of their abilities, see the results of their efforts and feel a sense of accomplishment. INDEPENDENCE Jobs that allow workers to […]

The STEM-Skill Advantage

Exhaustive research funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and a growing number of prestigious universities and research centers have begun to reveal the true value represented by individuals […]

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