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5 Activities to Use Project-Based Learning in Computer Science

Integrate project-based learning in computer science today to engage, excite, and prepare students in your classroom for success tomorrow. From simply using smart-phone applications and devices throughout the home, to […]

Project-Based Learning in Your Chemistry Classroom

Improve student reactions to and engagement in STEM by incorporating project-based learning during chemistry lessons in your classroom. Keeping STEM lessons fresh and exciting can be a daunting task. While […]

project-based learning in ecology

Using Project-Based Learning in Ecology

Get students excited about learning by bringing an environmental twist to biology lessons through project-based learning in ecology. Within the study of ecology, students examine the connections between the environment, […]

project-based learning in biology

Engage Students Through Project-Based Learning in Biology

Increase students’ engagement and facilitate their mastery of complex concepts through using project-based learning in biology. When learning STEM subjects, students are often successful when they apply the concepts that […]

project-based learning

Project-Based Learning in Your Geometry Classroom

Project-based learning is a great instructional approach for many subjects. Engage your geometry students with PBL activities. Project-based learning can work just as well for teaching geometry as for economics […]

Algebra I

Project-Based Learning in Your Algebra I Classroom

Apply project-based learning principles to successfully engage students in your Algebra I classroom. Education in the United States is shifting, as the Department of Education, school districts, and educators attempt […]


Project-Based Learning in Your Physics Classroom

Need a fresh approach to physics? Incorporate project-based learning into your classroom to engage students and connect your content to the real world. As alternative teaching methods are introduced to […]

Project-based learning

Understanding Project-Based Learning

For many teachers, the idea of implementing project-based learning is both intimidating and overwhelming. Here at STEM Jobs, our goal is twofold: 1. Empower and support educators 2. Motivate students […]

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