Kid Inventors Day is held on January 17th to commemorate and encourage creativity in kids. Celebrate in your classroom this year with these activities.

Kid Inventors Day falls on Benjamin Franklin’s birthday (January 17, 1706) and celebrates the ingenuity and entrepreneurship of kids. To encourage your students to dream about their own inventions, try some of these activities in your classroom.

1. Research Kid Inventions

Popsicles, water skis, and earmuffs were all invented by kids! Assign a class project and let each student pick a kid invention to research and present to the class. From things created by famous kid inventors – Benjamin Franklin invented water skis at age 12 – to everyday inventors like your students, encourage your students to research a wide variety inventions.

2. Learn about Patents

kid inventors daySpend time learning about the patent process. For middle school students, ask students to sketch an invention in class and walk through the process of patenting it. For high school students, design a more involved project and give them several weeks to create an invention that reflects your specific class material. Check out the United States Patent and Trademark Office Kids website for information on the patent process and lots of links for inspiration.

3. Invent Together

Build a Rube Goldberg as a classroom. This is the perfect STEM activity, incorporating every element of STEM. This could be a classroom-wide project or a classroom contest with multiple building groups. Use items you find in your classroom to make it affordable and easy. Check out Teach Engineering for resources on making this activity engaging and educational.

4. Demonstrate the Role of STEM

kid inventors dayWhen am I ever going to use this?” might be a common refrain in your classroom. This holiday offers a great answer. Pick an invention and dig deeper into the STEM elements that made its creation possible. Learn about the science behind electricity and the light bulb, or the engineering and math that made world-famous monuments possible.

5. Plan a Field trip

While this activity requires more planning, what better way to celebrate Kid Inventors Day than checking out inventions in the real world! Research museums in the area and focus on exhibits featuring inventors and inventions. If cost and logistics prevent you from taking a true field trip, consider taking your class on a virtual field trip.


Kid Inventors Day is the perfect opportunity to connect STEM to the real world and encourage your students to dream big. And it’s an excuse to have a lot of fun. For more STEM holidays, check out our favorite math holidays!

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