Ellen Egley Has Been Named a 2018 Pennsylvania STEM Ambassador

March 1, 2018 – Moon Twp. Ellen Egley, Director of STEM Jobs, has been accepted as one of 36 ambassadors in the Pennsylvania STEM Ambassadors Program, which aims to shape the future of STEM education in the commonwealth by targeting vital policy conversations to legislative leadership in the areas of STEM Learning ecosystems, computer science, state and federal policy for formal and informal education, and workforce needs.

Ambassadors met for their inaugural training session today at the Center for Schools and Communities, a statewide training and consulting organization that offers a continuum of efforts around education topics.

At STEM Jobs, Ellen works to reach the two main goals of the company: Supporting teachers by providing best-in-class resources to enhance their STEM curriculum and engaging students in STEM subjects in middle and high school by showing them that STEM skills lead to incredible careers in every industry. To reach these goals, Ellen serves as the editor-in-chief of STEM Jobs magazine, which reaches about 10,000 middle and high schools in the United States four times each school year. Each issue focuses on four main industries students are passionate about, such as music, sports, fitness, fashion, entertainment, and social media. Ellen also manages the content for, which is the STEM hub for students that publishes articles on careers, education options, and hot topics in real-world STEM. The student website is also home to the STEM Type Quiz, which allows students connect their passions to skills required in real STEM careers. As the curator of and a contributor for, Ellen supports teachers with whitepapers on topics like project-based learning, articles on trends in STEM education, and free 5-E model lesson plans that coordinate with articles in the magazine.

Representing leaders and emerging leaders in corporate, PreK-12 and higher education, and afterschool programs from 18 counties, PA STEM Ambassadors have agreed to invest the next nine months in training and education to share expertise and content knowledge with influential stakeholders to help develop a stronger voice in shaping STEM education policy issues.

“In order for Pennsylvania to be competitive and lead in STEM policy, we need to develop leaders who find bipartisan support in advancing STEM Education policies and have the respect and influence to affect change,” said Laura Saccente, director of Pennsylvania Statewide afterschool and Youth Development Network (PSAYDN). “The PA STEM Ambassadors will be a vital part in shaping these policies.”

PSAYDN collaborated with the Education Policy and Leadership Center (EPLC), the national STEM Education Coalition, the Afterschool Alliance and staff from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, through the PA STEM Education Coalition, to provide training support to the ambassadors.

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