We have all been there … at some point in our academic career we’ve asked the question that every student asks …

“When am I ever going to use this?”

Let’s face it, STEM education subjects are challenging … there’s a lot of information and new terminology, there are processes to learn … much of which students don’t knowingly encounter on a daily basis.

If they could only connect what they learn in the classroom to life in the real world, perhaps we could hold their interest long enough for learning to take place …

STEM is a fundamental part of our world  – the music we listen to, the sports we watch, the movies we love, the roads we drive on, the technology we’re glued to… and that is increasingly the case.

In fact, it has never been easier to make the case for math or science … The world isn’t getting less technological … technology is being embedded everywhere … to track everything … to connect everyone… all the time.  It’s not a matter of IF … or WHEN … but in WHAT WAYS we will encounter technology.

The real challenge is making the right connection for students and engaging them in those subjects so that they can master them and incorporate that knowledge into the skill set that they’ll carry forward into the real world. And the problem is that much of STEM curriculum is centered around following procedures and repeating them.  Usually this follows a pattern known as “I, We, You.”  

I the teacher introduce a topic, procedure, process, or term.

We the class walk through the procedure together by solving problems.

Finally …. You the student must prove your knowledge of the subject via a test or homework.

This cycle repeats and even for the most engaging teacher .. it’s really hard to keep students engaged.  Heck — it’s hard for YOU to be engaged.

So how on earth do we turn the tide and get math haters to be at least unintimidated if not fully engaged?

Flip the script on STEM Education!  We’ve been poring through hundreds of hours of research and thousands of pages of documentation to identify effective practices that drive student engagement.  And to get you started, we’ve developed some fun and impactful videos along with a comprehensive training course.  So what are you waiting for?!  Get started today by clicking the link below!

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