Technology continues to stand out among education trends for 2018. But it is not the only change to keep an eye on in the new year.

As you plan for school curriculum and lesson plans for 2018 and beyond, check out predictions for what the new year will hold and consider how to incorporate these new education trends in your classroom.

1. Involving Parents

Not a new concept certainly, but new and cutting-edge technology is allowing parents to be a part of their children’s educational process through individualized partnerships which can be achieved in ways never thought of before. Riding the wave of this 2018 education trend, parents can share their attitudes and exhibit good behavior by joining with teachers in activities through many technology applications to have a major impact on their children’s learning experiences.

2. More STEM Courses

education trendsThe reality of education is that what is being taught must be the knowledge needed for the jobs sought after graduation. STEM careers are on the rise and it is anticipated that 2018 may see millions of STEM jobs without the applicants qualified to fill them. As this trend continues, educators must focus on STEM courses to ensure students are prepared to excel in those training programs and be prepared for the new workplace.

3. Digital Textbooks

Not only are they up-to-date on the most current information, but digital textbooks are easy to read and navigate. Thumbing through pages of text is time-consuming and frustrating but a word search can quickly get the student to the information sought. Practical advantages of this education trend are elimination of the waste of outdated texts, possible cost reduction, and no books forgotten at home.

4. Games

Still a controversial education trend, game-based learning does appeal to kids. Technology has introduced more serious games that allow students to play the roles of strategists, business leaders, and scientists. More choices are sure to be available to schools in 2018.

5. Virtual Assistants

Every teacher would like an assistant at times. One 2018 education trend is using those technological friends — you know them — Alexa, Siri, or Cortana, in the schools to provide information and be a learning tool. They may just have a place in the classroom for enriching the educational process for teachers who don’t have enough time to give individual attention to students who need more help.

6. Coding and Programming

education trendsCalled the “new literacy” by the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE), coding is certainly a new language that all students need to learn. One of the most popular education trends, coding activities and programs can be incorporated into lessons for children in elementary and high school. Coding prepares students for understanding advanced technology applications.

7. Venturing Outside the Classroom

Traditional classrooms must be supplemented, if not transformed, and this education trend envisions using several ways to create a new learning environment. The mobile devices now being used in classrooms allow students to learn in a variety of settings. By allowing classrooms to change and learning to take place outside of the classroom in non-traditional settings, teachers are preparing their students for that experience they will have in their first job.

Education trends can only be anticipated or projected as new and exciting opportunities become available to teachers and students. Together they will learn how to work together, using cutting-edge technology to boost learning to the next level.

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