Awaken a sense of independence and self-sufficiency in students while teaching problem solving and creativity through entrepreneurship activities.

Education professionals strive every day to instill in children the knowledge to succeed academically, but also cultivate qualities that will encourage students to grow into adults capable of living their best lives. Among these non-academic qualities are autonomy, leadership, and responsibility. Help students develop the skills necessary to develop into self-sufficient business leaders through entrepreneurship activities in your classroom.

1. Design a Product, Develop a Business Plan

entrepreneurship activitiesAsk students to think about a product that they would love to invent and review some of the basics of the invention process. Have them create a preliminary design, putting their thoughts and mental images down on paper. With teacher guidance, they should study the basic principles of procuring funding along with the costs associated with manufacturing. Once they have conducted their individual research, group students together. Dedicate time each day to group entrepreneur activities that will focus on developing one individual student’s idea from the group each week. Every Friday, the student team will present its product idea and business plan under the leadership of the entrepreneur whose concept is introduced to the class.

2. Get with the Program

Organizations such as Junior Achievement USA are dedicated to promoting skills and a mindset within students that lay the foundations for success in a global economy. Through programs designed for elementary, middle, and high school, Junior Achievement USA provides teachers with materials to engage in entrepreneurship activities within the classroom. In addition to providing valuable tools for teaching entrepreneurship, Junior Achievement USA outlines how its programs fulfill national, Common Core, and individual state standards.

3. All is Fair in STEM Entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship activitiesBring students out of the classroom and into entrepreneurship activities that promote education, networking, and friendly competition. From April through June, the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) hosts events in different cities throughout the country that introduce students to the concepts they need to embark on independent business planning. The mission of NFTE promotes entrepreneurial interest among students from low-income neighborhoods. Throughout the year, the organization hosts competitions, events, and the Startup Summer program to inspire young people through entrepreneurship activities.

While promoting entrepreneurship activities with students, share STEM Jobs Early Spring 2017 print issue that includes “10 Hot Entrepreneurship STEM Jobs by Salary” and stories of famous pioneers, such as Carol Roth and Mark Zuckerberg, who started as young people with big dreams, yet became some of the most successful business mavens in history. These stories and others that can be found throughout STEM Jobs will inspire students to pursue a career in which they can be their own bosses.

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