Make movie day more frequent, engaging, and truly educational by showing these films that teach STEM concepts to your students.

Using movies to support lesson plans can help teachers relay STEM concepts to students while kids relate to the entertainment aspects of watching a film. Consider using films that teach STEM concepts in the classroom to engage students while connecting these movies to meaningful, informative lessons.

1. Hidden Figures

films that teach STEM concepts

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STEM Content: While “Hidden Figures” provides excellent insight into the once untold stories of how women of color contributed to early space achievements in the United States, it also showcases plenty of concepts in physics, mathematics, and computer science. As one of the most important films that teach STEM concepts, this movie should be at the top of every classroom movie list.

Teaching Content: There exist valuable civil-rights history lessons taught in this film, yet there are also STEM concepts presented. In addition to the engineering strengths of Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan’s programming expertise, students will learn about Katherine Johnson’s extraordinary mathematical abilities that were woven into the space program’s need for accurate calculations to safely launch astronauts into space and bring them home.

Rating: PG