3. The Abyss

films that teach STEM concepts

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STEM Content: Though this fictional story centers upon human interaction with alien lifeforms, it occurs deep within the ocean, as a Navy SEAL, scientists, and engineers investigate an attack on a nuclear submarine. As one of the 1980s’ most popular science-fiction films that teach STEM concepts, this movie will show students how engineering and marine science concepts could be applied as experts study the world under the ocean.

Teaching Content: Setting the stage for a discussion regarding how we’ve only explored five percent of the ocean, this movie can serve as a starting point for lessons covering marine biology and the careers available within that field.

Rating: PG-13
Beware of strong adult themes, violence, self-harm, and language, and due to experiments with animals, be certain to advise students to not recreate these scenes at home. Teachers should also note that there is slight nudity when a woman’s breasts are exposed when her fellow team members perform CPR — a good scene to fast forward through.