5. Born in China

films that teach STEM concepts

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STEM Content: This final choice on the list of films that teach STEM concepts might simply seem to be a tale of cute baby animals that are found in China, but it also provides examples of Earth science and animal behavior. Following families of snow leopards, golden monkeys, and pandas, students will see glimpses into rarely explored terrain and intimate moments between great creatures — big and small.

Teaching Content:  Showing this movie in the classroom will allow teachers to complement lessons that outline the different terrain found in China and the creatures that live in the region. The movie serves as a springboard for life science and animal behavior lessons, allowing teachers to simplify concepts in these subjects through including this on their list films that teach STEM concepts.

Rating: G

Many movie options exist for teachers to illustrate STEM concepts and retain student interest. Before showing films that teach STEM concepts to students, review the movies at home to identify specific scenes that are relevant to current lessons, or any material that isn’t appropriate for younger children. Plan hands-on activities for students to do after the film is over to solidify main educational points and help them make connections to the content being explored in your classroom.

Movie day shouldn’t be a chance for students to sleep or pass notes. Films that teach STEM concepts can be engaging, exciting ways to explore major ideas and themes throughout the year.

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