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Find a Renewed Interest in Teaching by Job Crafting

Teachers often feel overwhelmed, overworked, and underappreciated. Resist burnout and find renewed joy in teaching through job crafting.

The new school year has only just begun, offering a fresh opportunity to cultivate young minds. Even as they embark upon new adventures in teaching, many educators are concerned with burnout and apathy. But by using job crafting teachers can motivate themselves and generate enthusiasm among colleagues.

What is Job Crafting?

In its paper, “What is Job Crafting and Why Does It Matter?,” the University of Michigan‘s Ross School of Business described job crafting as capturing “…what employees do to redesign their own jobs in ways that can foster job satisfaction, as well as engagement, resilience, and thriving at work.” For teachers, this means examining the tasks that have led to resentment, frustration, and reduced job satisfaction in the past. After recognizing these issues, teachers can devise practices that will help reframe these tasks, making them more enjoyable. Teachers can also use job crafting to build their ideal positions by accepting teaching, administrative, and extracurricular responsibilities that afford greater fulfillment. Once teachers achieve this level of satisfaction in their own careers, they can promote happiness, strengthen bonds with colleagues, and increase efficacy in teaching students.

Joy in Job Crafting

job craftingBringing a greater sense of camaraderie to fellow faculty members can improve the personal job outlook for many teachers. Think about ways of becoming involved in advocacy for students, fellow teachers, administrators, and the school as a whole. Re-imagining job responsibilities to include advocacy is not only a way to use job crafting, it can help teachers find job satisfaction as they begin to make a bigger impact on their students, school, and community.

Using job crafting doesn’t always mean taking on additional responsibilities. Reframing job responsibilities could require abandoning certain tasks that are sources of negative feelings or resentment at work.

Teachers can use job crafting to make classroom life more enjoyable by making sure they become the type of teacher they needed when they were students. Teachers can blend required education standards with their own methods for teaching lessons. By using a student-centered approach, teachers can find renewed job satisfaction in teaching while ensuring students learn the skills they need to be successful within and beyond the classroom.

There exists no one particular method of job crafting to find a renewed sense of satisfaction at work. In fact, some methods that are successful for other professionals might not be effective for educators. Take small steps to improve the big picture at work. While teachers will reduce their own potential for burnout, they will also be more likely to improve the work environment for colleagues and bolster the school environment as a whole.

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