A recent article in EdTech Magazine explains, “As one-to-one initiatives gain speed, more apps are making their way into the classroom and into teachers’ hearts.

The Google Play for Education store is one way for teachers to find and download student-focused apps that have an impact on learning. In a recent EdTech webinar, four K–12 educators were asked how they incorporate Google Play into their technology programs.

The free recorded webinar, “Getting Started with Google Play for Education,” features four experts, including two from Colorado’s Challenge to Excellence Charter School: Beth Mossholder, a technology coordinator and K–8 technology teacher, and Julie Stewart, the school’s team lead for grades 2 and 3.

During a follow-up interview, Stewart and Mossholder discussed the role of technology and Google Play for Education in their school.”

Check out the Q&A:

EDTECH: How do Google Play apps fit into Common Core?

STEWART AND MOSSHOLDER: One of the great benefits of Google Play for Education is that many of the apps list Common Core standards, which is helpful for teachers choosing an app that aligns with those standards and the current curriculum. Google Play for Education also lets educators review an app by looking at grade-level assignments and tips that have been written by teachers who have used the app in their classrooms.

These added pieces allow teachers to see what has and hasn’t worked, so they can gauge whether it’s worthwhile for them to try the app with their own students. They can also have a voice in sharing what they did with their classes and how the app either worked or didn’t work for them. Google Play for Education has been a successful addition to our school’s technology program.

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