5. Beat THAT in Math

STEM activities for afterschoolStudents don’t have to make an intricate project during STEM activities for afterschool time. In this math activity from the Anaheim YMCA, students will use up to seven dice along with a pencil and piece of paper for keeping score. After rolling the dice, students will examine the numbers displayed on each and find the combination that yields the highest number. The scorekeeper will record this number and the next player will try to “beat that” previous number. Teachers and administrators can even participate in the fun. Instructions are also available in Spanish to support English-language learners.

In order to get children excited about STEM activities for afterschool, teachers and administrators who manage these activities must be enthusiastic about their own time spent with kids after the bell rings. While preparing engaging STEM activities for afterschool is key, learning from adults who want to spend time with them is crucial for students to feel valued and nurtured.

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