Check out these for apps for teachers to monitor your students’ performance, communicate with parents, and much more!

The start of a new school year is a great time to try out some new resources for your classroom. Perhaps you need a new classroom management plan, or some fresh ideas to teach your standards. With the rise of technology in the classrooms, most of us jump to Pinterest for these ideas, but instead, consider experimenting with some great apps for teachers. Like the Apple advertisements says, even when it comes to teaching, “there’s an app for that!”

Apps for Teachers: Classroom Management and Assessment

apps for teachersClass Dojo

This is one of my favorite apps for teachers! While it looks elementary, I have seen even high schoolers get competitive with Class Dojo. With this app, students each earn points for various positive actions that you determine. This could include participating, working hard, or any other action that applies to your classroom. Add value to the points with your own classroom rewards. Points can be given to individuals, groups, or the entire class. Everyone has fun with this teacher app!

Socrative Teacher

Socrative allows you to quickly assess your students using polls, exit tickets, quizzes, and more! Design your assessment through the teacher version of the app and the students can complete it on their own devices. This is great for one-to-one classrooms. Socrative even instantly grades the assessment for you and shows you a visual of the data collected. Assessment couldn’t get any easier with this teacher app!

Apps for Teachers: Classroom Communication


apps for teachersThis teacher app allows you to send messages to your entire class, group, or individuals without ever using your phone number. Just as the name implies, you can also send reminders to parents and students about upcoming classroom events with a preset schedule. All of these messages and reminders are sent as text messages. A great time to set this up is before your open house, as you can provide a code for parents to enroll. Your students should never miss a deadline again!


Create an eye-catching new classroom website using the Weebly teacher app. Here you can create, manage, and keep up to date with your website all using your device. This is a great way to monitor a classroom discussion board or update a blog on the fly. Parents will love being able to see what is going on in your classroom, and students will too!

Apps for Teachers: Classroom Inspiration


Flipboard has become my new place for lesson and project-based learning inspiration. This teacher app compiles news from various sites across the web. You just set your topics of interest and Flipboard does the rest! This will allow you to stay up to date with current events that are interesting to your students and connect to your content. This may even be a great resource for literacy connections.

apps for teachersTeaching Organizations

Did you know that many STEM professional organizations have apps for teachers? They do! Now you can view electronic versions of the organization’s journals, view lessons plans, and even chat with other teachers from your device. Organizations such as NSTA and NABT have great apps that you should check out.

Whether you are looking for new ways to manage your students, communicate with parents, or get inspiration, teacher apps are a great resource. They work great for classrooms that are one-to-one, but don’t be discouraged if you school does not have the resources yet. All of these apps can be used on your own personal device, and even have companion websites as well. The best part is that they are all free! Consider trying one of these apps for teachers today!

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