Make the school year exciting from the start with classroom themes that inspire, motivate, and inform in unique and engaging ways!

Renew your excitement about teaching and tap into student imaginations during the upcoming school year by using fascinating stories, real-world issues and future life plans in classroom themes. You’d like to start decorating and rearranging the room to create learning spaces that provide an engaging and varied education experience, but knowing where to begin can be tough. Try one of these classroom themes – or rotate through them all during the school year!

1. Station-Based Classroom

classroom themesHave too many ideas for a classroom theme and can’t possibly choose just one? Use station-based learning concepts to lay the foundation for a variety of classroom themes. Create four or five different stations around your room. The areas don’t have to be too big, but enough for two to five students, depending on the activity to be performed at each station. Create signs for each station, such as standalone cardboard cutouts of Harry Potter characters or Marvel superheroes, designating each area. You could even have a picture of a STEM pioneer at each station so students learn a little bit about each innovator while they’re completing their designated activity. Each station should include one collaborative activity for students to complete together. Whether playing chess at a small table, helping each other learn coding through Raspberry Pi, or holding a book-club meeting, these stations teach important collaborative skills through organized, diverse classroom themes.