Tired of spending your summers and weekends crafting? Never make a bulletin board again. Instead, decorate your classroom with smart STEM resources.

From buying supplies to creating Pinterest-worthy bulletin boards, decorating your classroom can be exhausting. Even craft enthusiasts can burn out after a grueling year or two. Instead of scouring the internet for punny cat posters, deck out your classroom with STEM gear. STEM decor not only accomplishes the task of brightening up your classroom, but will inspire kids while making your walls look less bleak. Next fall, ditch the traditional bulletin board and try these three ideas instead!

STEM Type Posters

bulletin boardStart the year off by having your students take the STEM Type Quiz. Each STEM Type reveals how a student’s interests connect to real high-demand, high-paying STEM careers. The eight types include Advisor, Designer, Explorer, Integrator, Investigator, Maker, Producer, and Solver. Decorate your walls with posters for each one. These posters will celebrate the unique characteristics of your students and encourage them to #DoWhatTheyLove. Throughout the year, you can refer to them as students learn about different careers and STEM role models.

Get your free, downloadable STEM Type posters here!

Lesson Plan Idea: Have students take the STEM Type Quiz, then do a report on their results. They could focus on a certain characteristic, find a STEM role model with the same interests, or explore a career path.

Hot Jobs Posters

bulletin boardIn every issue, we feature the top STEM careers for a variety of industries. Hang posters of our job spreads in the classroom so your students can discover new careers while they sharpen their pencils, grab a tissue, or get materials from a cabinet. Each job spread provides a job description, median salary, schools that train, and companies that hire for high-demand, high-paying careers in that specific industry. From hot jobs in the medical field to the top jobs in music, your students will be able to discover a wide variety of jobs they never even new existed, and can see how to get to those careers. And as a plus, each job is matched with a STEM Type, so your students can easily see which careers match their interests. What bulletin board can do that?!

Get Posters Delivered: Check out the Hot Jobs Poster Package on our website to have posters delivered to your school four times each school year for an affordable price.

Magazine Covers

bulletin boardTo add some color and interest to your classroom, hang up STEM magazine covers on your walls. From National Geographic to  STEM Jobs Magazine, choose covers that celebrate STEM rockstars, careers, and milestones. They will provide inspiration for and spark curiosity in your students.

Get Your Students Involved: Let your students look through a selection of magazines and pick their favorite covers. Rotate different covers throughout the year. Let students design their own STEM magazine covers to depict the careers they are most interested in, the STEM discoveries they find most exciting, or their favorite STEM role models.

Need more copies of STEM Jobs magazine so you can start putting some covers on the walls? Head over to our store to get all four issues for about as much as you spend on two gourmet coffees at your local Starbucks.

With these decoration ideas, there’s no need to stress over bulletin boards. Let STEM take over so you can focus on what you do best—teaching!

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