2. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

peer assessmentChannel your inner Aretha Franklin by instilling a sense of respect for each other in the classroom. Tell students that they should not talk over each other. Ensure they understand the important aspect of learning that requires listening to the other person. If a student is interrupting and speaking over a classmate, they are not listening. Once students know how to listen to each other, let them know that they can – and likely will – disagree with the opinions of fellow pupils. Emphasize that part of respectful, intelligent discourse will sometimes include holding opposing viewpoints. Students should learn how to discuss the background regarding their different points of view, but not in an offensive, rude manner. As with most lessons, students learn by example, therefore start with the teacher in the mirror and ensure that the classroom environment is filled with respect from the head of the class. Once a respectful learning environment is established, respectful peer assessment can take place.

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