5. Let Them Be Social

peer assessmentThough using peer assessment should be a positive experience for students and teachers, it can still be a serious, heavy exercise. Students might not easily navigate providing or receiving critiques, regardless of the constructive intent – especially when the practice is first implemented. Give students time to be social and build relationships with each other. Something as simple as performing a mock peer review for your students can give them direction while creating common experience. Complete an assignment yourself and ask students to provide you with feedback on it so they can practice using the guidelines you’ve given them while doing a little team building. Reflect on the experience with them by identifying which types of comments and feedback were the most helpful.

Peer assessment has the potential to benefit students and teachers, if properly planned. Through listening to student critiques of each other, teachers can gain insight into how each child learns and processes lessons. As student-focused methods of education gain attention, simply examining the learning style of each child can greatly benefit educators who are moving toward alternative teaching approaches.

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