It’s almost time for pi! As Pi Day – or 3/14 – approaches, discover STEM Jobs-approved activities to engage students in celebrating 3.14.

Always an exciting day for mathematics enthusiasts, March 14 has been gaining mainstream popularity over the last few years as more people become fascinated with the numerical representation of the day: 3/14. Valued at 3.14159, the number represents a circle’s ratio of circumference to diameter. Perfect for teaching students through fun and games, the irrational number has no end, nor does it repeat, which is one of its fascinating qualities. Teach students about this fun concept and spark deeper interest in math with these Pi Day activities that will satisfy their hunger for learning!

Pi Birthday Connections

Challenge students to find their birthday within pi. Websites such as allow users to find any date within the infinite number. Perform this activity at the end of day or before lunch, as once students begin plugging in their own birthdays, they will want to discover more dates within pi!

A Few Rounds of Pi Ball

As the ultimate Pi Day resource, offers plenty of information regarding how to celebrate the occasion, including a unique game called Pi Ball! Ideal for teachers who are permitted to take the classroom outdoors, Pi Ball requires a little planning, but it’s also a lot of fun!

Pi DayPi Day Trivia

Whether watching “Jeopardy!” as a family or heading to a local hangout to take part in game night, trivia has become a beloved pastime and helpful way to teach. Develop your own Pi Day game to play in class. Prior to March 14, ask students to prepare by researching origins of, uses for and unknown facts regarding pi and the day it’s celebrated. Students will become extremely excited about playing the game and might soon forget they are learning!

Ode to Pi

Younger students will love‘s suggestion of having kids sing the praises of pi through composing their own songs or “Pi-kus.” Study the basics of pi before children start creating their own works and encourage them to include as many characteristics of the concept within the finished piece as possible.

Get Your Own Pi Slice

If you need a Pi Day refresher before the classroom celebrations commence, you’ll need fun and engaging resources to brush up on your own skills. Catch up with our partner-in-STEM Danica McKellar, whose fun, yet more adult-appropriate, videos and explanations of pi will have you prepared for the big 3.14 on March 14!

Pi Day’s March 14 celebration is one of many STEM observances that occur throughout the year. Mark your calendar and celebrate these other math holidays. Don’t forget to share your Pi Day activities and track other celebrations on social media using hashtags such as #PiDay and #PiDay2017 to fully observe this festive mathematical occasion!

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