Shelf Scouter: A STEM Jobs Radio Exclusive

Over the past two years, we’ve held fantastic and truly engaging interviews for the subjects of our web and print articles. At some point during the turn of the year it occurred to us that sharing the actual interview with others might be something that our readers would come to value as much as we have.

This interview with Lindsay Fairman, Founder and CEO of Shelf Scouter is no exception; and in fact, may be the one podcast every daughter, sister, mother, girlfriend … every girl aspiring to do what she loves should hear this year.

We first connected with Lindsay for our article on tech startups and the Penn State “Happy Valley” incubator program, which you can read here. Her insight into what it takes to launch a business and to succeed in the world of technology as a woman is overshadowed only by the unbridled passion in her voice for what she does.  Lindsay exemplifies the #DoWhatYouLove credo we embrace here at STEM Jobs.  So, have a seat, grab your pair of beats, or connect to your bluetooth speaker system, close your eyes and let’s do this old-school on STEM Jobs Radio.