Having your students take our free STEM Type Quiz? Use these free, downloadable STEM Type posters in your classroom!

The STEM Type Quiz is a free survey that connects students’ interests to the skills required in every job the Department of Labor knows about through their O*NET codes. At the end of the survey, which typically takes about 10 minutes to complete, students will be able to explore the careers connected to their unique interests and STEM Type. Our free STEM Type posters can help get students excited about beginning their STEM Jobs journey and connecting things happening in your classroom to real careers.

STEM Type posters

How It Works

There are eight different STEM Types, so we have provided a single, downloadable PDF that allows you to print a STEM Type poster for each. The design is perfect for printing on 11×17 paper, so be sure to adjust your printer settings to allow for this size. If you do not have 11×17 paper available, you can resize the PDF to work with whatever resources are available to you.

The posters really pop when printed in color, so this is one of the few times we advise avoiding black and white!

1. Click here to open the PDF in a new tab.
2. Click the printer icon in the top right corner of the PDF.
3. Ensure the printer settings are correct and the right type of paper is loaded in the printer, then click Print.
4. Hang the posters all over your classroom, library, makerspace, hallway, or wherever students will see them and start to get excited about discovering their own STEM Type.
5. Have students take the free STEM Type Quiz and discuss their results.
6. Get creative! Have students put their names, initials, or photos under the poster for their highest STEM Type. Graph the results. Have them guess your STEM Type. Compare the STEM Types of the right-handed vs. left-handed students, blue-eyed vs. brown-eyed students, pet owners vs. non-pet owners, students who like mayonnaise vs. students who don’t, or any other zany distinctions you can make to see if there are any surprising trends or commonalities among particular groups of students and their corresponding STEM Types.
7. Print out and distribute STEM Type stickers for students to wear and show off their newly discovered STEM Types! The downloadable PDF and instructions can be found here.

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STEM Type posters

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