We’ve been spotlighting the importance of STEM summer camps as we prepare for the end of the school year, and these programs offered in New York City are the perfect example of how summer programs can keep students engaged all year long.

Just ask the students who spent a recent Saturday afternoon exploring Coney Island Creek, some from shore, others wading into the water with robots tricked out with cameras to capture views of the creek bed.

Ying Lo, 16, a junior from Midwood High School who lives in Sheepshead Bay, spent the day helping other students catch and identify fish, crabs and shrimp. For her, it was a chance to try something new.

“I’m actually more of a physical science person, but I’m interested in marine science too,” she said. “We’re living in a city and not everyone thinks about what’s living in the water.”

The students, who had gathered at an event co-organized by the City Parks Foundation and community groups, were showcasing the wide range of educational programs devoted to science, technology, engineering and math — better known as STEM — that run when school isn’t in session.

And with the school year ending soon, programs like this can keep summer break from being a total break from learning.

In fact, research shows that students who stay active and engaged in educational activities can help offset the so-called “summer slide,” when unused academic skills get rusty.

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Original author, Meral Agish

Photo Credit: NY Daily News