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More than Red Xs

Giving effective feedback that helps students instead of discouraging them requires planning and very intentional strokes with that red pen. As teachers, a lot of our time is spent grading […]


Amazon’s “With Math I Can” Initiative

Teach students to love math using With Math I Can Math has a bad reputation that can be seen within popular culture and classrooms alike. With a quick search online, you can […]

Promoting Math for Girls in STEM

As teachers we want to see all of our students succeed, but we often don’t know how to re-engage girls in STEM once their initial interest and curiosity are lost. […]

Math Anxiety

5 Ways to Help Your Students Overcome Math Anxiety

Help your students overcome their math anxiety and prove that everyone can do math! For many students, math anxiety is a very real and crippling thing. Some students are convinced […]

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