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4 Reasons to Teach Your Students How to Code

Children are our future. Technology is our future. Prepare tomorrow’s workforce by teaching your students how to code today. Coding, programming and web development are not only highly useful skills […]

scared of math

Why Kids are Scared of Math and Science Revisited

There are many factors that contribute to students being scared of math and science in school, but teachers and parents shouldn’t allow them to shy away and avoid the subjects completely. What’s […]


STEM to STEAM: 10 Things Educators Should Know

Discover how STEM to STEAM education is increasing the value of creative scientific minds in fields traditionally perceived as rigid and controlled. STEM is often mistaken for being controlled and […]

Genius Hour

What is STEAM?

STEAM is a growing buzzword in education, but what is STEAM and why is it important? What is STEAM? Many educators are familiar with STEM, the acronym for the subjects […]


Real World in the Classroom: Drought Doctors

Many regions of the United States are experiencing extreme drought conditions. Teachers of future STEM professionals can encourage solution development through hydrology. Drought-stricken California is in its fifth year of extreme water […]

STEM Internships

5 Ways to Help Your Students Find and Apply for Internships in STEM Fields

Internships are a wonderful way to prepare your students for jobs in STEM fields, but many students need help knowing where to start. Internships are important because they offer hands-on […]


A Real Gem in STEM Jobs

How are glamorous companies that provide lavish and chic jewelry designs connected to STEM jobs? STEM jobs play an integral role in gemology, a concentration within the mineralogy branch of […]

Flipped Classroom

What is STEM and How Does It Fit in Your Class?

What is STEM and how can I fit it into my classroom? STEM, or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, isn’t limited to one subject or class; it plays a role in […]

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