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Developing 21st Century Skills: Perseverance

Even if students are challenged academically, socially, or financially, perseverance can get them past obstacles to allow them to reach their goals. Perseverance is a 21st century skill because we […]

data analysis

Developing 21st Century Skills: Data Analysis

Help students figure out their world to improve skills in data analysis for academic, personal, and professional success. As technology continues to overtake traditional methods of performing tasks, students who […]

information literacy

Developing 21st Century Skills: Information Literacy

The 21st century skill of information literacy is one that students must master to be able to seek, access, and apply facts from all sources to guide them in learning […]

problem solving

Developing 21st Century Skills: Problem Solving

Problem solving isn’t just a skill we memorize. It is a way of thinking about and approaching problems to ensure we know what the problem is and can get to […]

student participation

Developing 21st Century Skills: Initiative

Show kids how to take charge of working toward their goals by building initiative, an important 21st century skill that all students need to be successful. Often overlooked as an […]


21st Century Skills: Flexibility

Cultivating flexibility in your 21st century classroom can help prepare students for academic and lifelong success. Don’t mistake flexibility for being a pushover. As one of the most important 21st […]

Build STEM Skills

Developing 21st Century Skills: Creativity

Developing creativity in your 21st century STEM classroom The global STEM workplace is in need of students who are creative. Employers are looking for students who are not only proficient […]

Bloom's Taxonomy

Developing 21st Century Skills: Communication

Building communication skills in your 21st century classroom In the STEM workplace, employers are looking for graduates that are not only proficient in content, but also in soft skills. These skills […]

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