Looking for a new way to engage your students? Kahoot is a platform used to make learning fun and exciting for students and teachers.

Today’s students are immersed in technology. Kahoot is an engaging and exciting way to use technology to get students involved in the classroom.

What is Kahoot?

Launched in 2013, Kahoot is a gamified online learning platform. This tool is not only fun, but it is also aimed at making learning engaging and inclusive for its users. Kahoot is home to an incredible amount of content. Kahoot users can also create their own content to meet their educational needs. The learning games users develop are called kahoots and generally follow the structure of a multiple choice quiz.

How It’s Used

KahootKahoot can be used in a variety of ways. When creating a kahoot teachers can choose from a few different formats: quiz, jumble, discussion, or survey. Kahoot can be used to deliver new content, review content, or even as a classroom icebreaker. In addition to the format options, there are also various ways Kahoot can be played. Teachers can choose to have students play as individuals via challenges or as a collaborative team.

This platform can be used after school hours through a mobile app; a perfect way to revamp pencil and paper homework assignments. Kahoot also houses content shared by other users, so teachers don’t have to recreate the wheel. Students can even create their own kahoots to take ownership of and extend their learning.

Kahoot also boasts global learning. Teachers can connect kahoots to other classrooms in their district, state, or even across the globe!


Kahoot is free for teachers and students!


KahootKahoot has an extensive bank of content. While any user can share his/her kahoot, it’s encouraging to see users such as Britannica or Columbia University joining in the fun. You can even follow your favorite users to have quick access to their content. This platform is also user-friendly. Not only is creating kahoots fairly easy, but the website provides embedded video tutorials to assist new users. Additionally, the help feature on the website contains a lot of useful information and is organized by topic.

Kahoot is also very engaging for students. It is a perfect way to encourage student participation. Teachers and students can look forward to swapping out pencil and paper worksheets for a quick round of Kahoot. The platform even tracks the results of its users, making it an informative teaching tool and one form of formative assessment.


The biggest drawback of Kahoot is the technology required to use it. This platform is perfect for classrooms that have 1:1 devices. Individual play really encourages all students to be involved and engaged in their classroom. While the platform does have options for teaming students, it may not be beneficial to have this as your only option. If your classroom has shared devices, you can still utilize this tool, but maybe not on a regular basis. Additionally, the single player homework challenges can only be played via the mobile app. This can be a challenge as not all students have access to a phone or tablet.

Kahoot is an excellent way to get students involved in learning. If you are looking to put some energy back into your classroom, this is a great resource for you.

To learn more about this powerful tool, you can become a Kahoot certified teacher here.

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