Teacher Tools to Know: Teach-nology

Overwhelmed by the amount of resources for teachers available online? Work smarter, not harder with tools available through Teach-nology.

It’s a new year, which means many teachers are looking for new approaches to teach their content. The internet is filled with resources, yet there are times when sorting through it all can be overwhelming–which is where Teach-nology comes in.

This online education resource site offers lesson plans, organizational tools, and a community of educators to support educators who teach kindergarten through 12th grade.

What is it?

Teach-nologyThe mission of Teach-nology is to promote a mission of support for teachers as they acclimate to teaching next-generation standards in classrooms where most students were holding devices, such as smartphones and tablets, before they could walk. For nearly 10 years, Teach-nology has equipped educators with resources, experiencing growth that has allowed it to become a one-stop shop for classroom and lesson planning made by teachers for teachers.

On the Teach-nology site, teachers will find an array of resources including more than 46,000 lesson plans, 10,200 printable worksheets, rubrics, guidance for educators, worksheet creation tools, and webquests in different subjects.

How much is it?

A lot of the content found on the Teach-nology site is free of charge, as the organization relies on revenue generated from advertising featured on the pages. These advertising partnerships provide the financial support necessary to maintain the site.

Paid access is available for premium offerings through Teach-nology’s affiliate program At a cost of $29.99, teachers can purchase a 12-month subscription, which provides thousands of additional resources.


The library on Teach-nology is immense and teachers can explore a range of topics. The voice of the site allows teachers to feel they are interacting with a peer. With the vast amount of resources on Teach-nology, educators can freely explore the site to find solutions to meet their unique needs.


The site’s appearance is a bit outdated and navigating through the pages to find a specific resource can be difficult. Having access to a large number of resources in one place is extremely helpful, but teachers might need time to become familiar and comfortable with the site’s layout before they can make the most of this tool.

Teachers who specialize in STEM subjects should be especially tuned into innovative tools that allow them to work more efficiency, as they create classroom environments that encourage their students to use tools in technology. Explore different digital tools to fit the needs of new students, or use an array of resources to create a customized plan that includes Moodle, Quizlet, Glogster, and Google Science Journal.

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