Whether you’ve taught for a long time or are new to the profession, the types of teachers you meet in the faculty lounge could be your material for open mike night at the local comedy club.

Whether strange, scary, friendly, or just hysterical, the types of teachers you meet brighten your day and make school life very interesting. No two are the same, and every type of teacher contributes to that wacky world we call school. Have you met …

types of teachers1. The Exuberant Educator

Even at 7 a.m. on a Monday morning, this type of teacher is never in a bad mood. They are always bubbly, happy, positive, and sometimes just too much to take! They seem to radiate energy—even when there’s a three-hour staff meeting after school during testing season. Where are those chill pills?

2. The Tired, Tenured Teacher

This teacher type has put in the time, got tenure, and now is too tired to do too much more. You know their lectures must drone on because their monotone almost puts you to sleep despite the coffee you’re guzzling. They haven’t tried a new strategy—let alone a new lesson plan—in years because they’re just there to collect a paycheck.

types of teachers3. The Intellectual Instructor

Yes, this type of teacher knows it all and is happy to talk on and on, even if no one in the faculty lounge is really listening. Sure, they’re smart, but must they make everyone else feel so stupid? The only thing they doesn’t know is when to stop talking!

4. The Oversharer

This type of teacher becomes the one you look out for, and you make a u-turn if you catch sight of them in the faculty lounge. You know if you sit down, you will soon learn all there is to know about their life. Personal, intimate details—things you don’t even know about your best friend—are divulged before you can open your mouth. Talk about too much information!

types of teachers5. The Hot Mess

They don’t just have a bad hair day—this type of teacher just can’t get it together, ever. They rush in late, hoping to grab a cup of coffee because they slept in again; they drop their bag and everything falls out; the hem of their slacks is ripped out; and yes, they are wearing two different shoes—again.

6. The Coach

It’s what they do, it’s who they are, and it’s all they talk about. This type of teacher is all sports, all the time. They’re most intense in football season, but all year round they talk strategy, game films, plays, statistics, prospects, scouts, the NFL, and Friday night they love being under the lights. You just hope they don’t notice that you’re only vaguely nodding in agreement while doing your work.

types of teachers7. The Gossip

No one wants to be the subject of this teacher’s scoop, but the information they have can come in handy sometimes. They’ve lived in the school district their entire life, which means they know all of the families, all of the rumors, and all of the secrets others have forgotten. You’re never sure whether to trust their information, but their stories have been helpful at times when you were trying to understand distant parents, relate to a withdrawn student, or knew about a major policy change before anyone else thanks to their knowledge.

It takes all kinds, someone said, and that mix of teachers is just crazy enough to keep you sane (most of the time). Appreciate all of the types of teachers you meet in this rewarding profession, and let them know how they impact your life. Listen and learn from all types of teachers—and try to figure out which type you are, as well as which type you want to be.