Discover insight into improving the classroom experience with STEM Jobs’ STEM Teacher Reading List.

Successful teachers never stop learning and are open to new methods of refreshing classroom content – and a reading list for STEM teachers is a great way to do that. Through exploring the teaching methods outlined in the books on this STEM Teacher Reading List, educators will promote greater student engagement and more personal enjoyment in their work.

1. Teach Like Your Hair’s on Fire: The Methods and Madness Inside Room 56

STEM teacher reading listSure, the tale of how Rafe Esquith’s hair caught on fire during class is entertaining and heartwarming, but his understanding of the bureaucracy within the United States educational system is quite serious. In “Teach Like Your Hair’s on Fire,” the presidential National Medal of the Arts recipient confirms teachers’ most dismal thoughts regarding students, “It’s a thankless job. It’s hard to find a reason to believe…Most of the kids who walk into our classrooms do not even begin to comprehend how education can help them improve their lives. They often come from families so poor or scared or mean that you cannot even go to them for help.”

Despite this bleak commentary, Esquith also reveals how he has engaged, taught, and transformed students from some of the least nurturing backgrounds, within an educational system that he feels thrives on teacher obedience and cultivates fear. While Esquith’s emphasis on humanities has brought success to his group of fifth-grade students, known as The Hobart Shakspeareans, teachers of all concentrations will benefit from adding this book to a STEM teacher reading list.