5. The Little Prince

STEM teacher reading listThis classic tale by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry might not be STEM specific, but it offers an enlightening perspective on life, specifically how to properly adult by not growing old in spirit. While it is a beloved tale that many children fall in love with, it is worth a reread or two (or five) whenever an adult starts to become a bit too jaded or beaten down by the world.

By adding this non-STEM book to a STEM teacher reading list, educators will remember the reasons they entered teaching and might gain greater insight into the book’s lessons that were missed the first time they read it. The tale of the narrator’s encounter with “an extraordinary little fellow” will lead to a renewed excitement for not only teaching extraordinary little minds, but also learning from them.

Educators rely on discovery of new pedagogy methods to maintain a fresh approach to the classroom. Use this STEM teacher reading list to learn new approaches to cultivate young minds.

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