Tools for Teachers: Glogster

Glogster is a website and app students and teachers can use to create interactive lessons, presentations, and projects in the classroom.

GlogsterCloud-based education platform Glogster allows teachers and students to create digital posters that can be used for a variety of approaches to learning. Through its Glogpedia tool, users have access to templates that help students and teachers develop their posters.

In 2015, the service won the American Association of School Libraries (AASL) Best App for Teaching and Learning, and the EdTech Awards CoolTool in 2018. The educational platform is available online for use on a personal computer and mobile application.

Using Glogster in the Classroom

Teachers can assign projects that require the creation of a Glogster digital poster to present ideas. Glogster also includes access to its Glogpedia, a collection of thousands of Glogs, or digital posters, created by other students and teachers from around the globe. The posters include information that is presented through tiles that link with information from popular websites including Wikipedia and Youtube that allow students to create multimedia presentations.

Glogster Pricing Structure

GlogsterThe Glogster platform is available through a tier-based pricing system. For $5, users can try the platform at a premium level for 30 days. Standard pricing options include personal, elementary, secondary, and faculty levels.

At a cost of $29, the personal Glogster option gives access to one user. The user can be an educator or student, and gains Glogpedia access, an iPad application–in addition to the web service, educational graphics, the Glog-creation tool, and help desk assistance.

The elementary and secondary tiers include everything available through the personal option, except more users can access the platform. Available to one teacher and 30 students, the elementary option costs $39 per year. At $95 per year, the secondary service is available to one teacher and 125 students. For educators who would like to share a membership, the faculty version of the application includes access for 10 teachers and 250 students, and all premium features at a cost of $390 per year.

The Good and Bad About Glogging

Using Glogster could provide an an excellent tool for students to collaborate on projects together. The application allows students to become more comfortable with technology, especially in a setting that requires group work, which is integral to promoting 21st-century skills.

These lessons are extremely important, but the downside to Glogster is the cost, which can be a burden or barrier for teachers with a nearly nonexistent budget.

Prior to assigning Glogging-based projects, teachers can use lessons in becoming discerning readers to identify fake news. By sharing these lessons, teachers will prepare students to create quality Glogster digital posters by including accurate, well-resourced facts.

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