Getting students to study in an effective way can be challenging. Look to Quizlet for a fun and engaging way for your students to learn and review content.

Teaching study skills can be a mundane task. Sure, we can show our students how to make flash cards and encourage them to review important concepts before a test. However, motivating them to actually review information on their own can be a bit trickier. Quizlet makes learning and reviewing concepts more fun for students.

What is Quizlet?

QuizletQuizlet is an online learning community. Geared towards students and teachers, Quizlet’s main objective is to make learning and mastering content more fun and engaging. Students and teachers can choose from literally millions of study sets. According to their website, Quizlet currently houses 200 million sets. However, students and teachers can also create and customize their own content.

How It’s Used

Quizlet offers a variety of uses in and out of the classroom. Teachers can start by creating a class. This gives you a place to store your sets and allows you to share your class with your students. From there, you can begin to search for or create your own study sets. Creating a study set on Quizlet can be as easy as inputting terms and definitions. When students access the sets, they will be able to choose from a variety of options such as flashcards, matching, and gaming, just to name a few. Quizlet is more than just a place to store digital flashcards, however. You can add sounds, graphics, and even create your own diagrams.

A new feature to the program is Quizlet Learn. Through this feature, students can input information they need to know and the due date for mastery. Quizlet then creates a study plan, guides students through the material, reminds them to practice, and provides progress updates.

Another useful feature is Quizlet Live. This feature allows teachers to take any study set and turn it into a collaborative classroom game. This feature is great for a whole class review of content!


QuizletGetting started with Quizlet is free for both students and teachers. With a free account, you can create your own class, study sets, and have access to public sets. There is an upgrade option available as well. An upgrade to Quizlet Teacher costs $35.99 per year. Upgrading allows you to track student progress, access Quizlet while offline, and provides you with various customization options. Students can also upgrade their Quizlet account for $19.99 per year to gain similar perks.


Quizlet is extremely user-friendly and houses a variety of step-by-step guides on their Help Center page. It is very easy to find and create study sets so you don’t have to constantly reinvent the wheel. Quizlet is also very engaging. It is nice that there are a variety of ways that students can practice concepts. Above all else, Quizlet is student-centered. Students have the ability to create their own study sets, which is a great way to get them started down the path of taking ownership over their learning.


While there are a vast amount of pre-made study sets to choose from, not all are teacher-created. Quizlet Teacher allows you to filter out student sorts when searching a topic, but basic free access does not. You can see which users are teachers, but you have to look through all of the sets, which can be time consuming. While the bank of Quizlet study sets are extremely helpful, it’s also good to keep in mind that they can be made by any user. When choosing a pre-made study set on Quizlet, be sure to read through it before assigning it to students. It’s always a good idea to double-check to make sure there are no errors and to confirm that the set is relevant for your students. As with any technology resource, accessibility is always a contributing factor to its usefulness. Quizlet is a great resource for classrooms where all students have access to technology in some way or another. However, if you don’t have much technology in your school or if students don’t have access at home, Quizlet may not be for you.

Studying is a lifelong skill. It is so important that our students be able to learn what and how to study, but we often don’t have the time to teach this skill to our students. Quizlet is a great tool to make studying more fun and engaging for students.

To learn more about Quizlet, you can participate in one of their webinars by clicking here.

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