1) They are not aware of opportunities with great STEM-focused companies that do not require a college degree, or that require STEM-specific college majors.

“Don’t I need … like a PhD for those jobs?”

2) They are not aware of the earning potential represented by STEM jobs and occupations

“I can make more money doing office work…”

3) They are not aware of the dynamic technological changes in traditional and emerging STEM-focused occupations and employers.

“I think my grandpa did that… they still do that kind of work?”

4) They are unaware of STEM-focused jobs in non-STEM industries or companies

“Algebra?  like that’s practical…”

5) They are unaware of leadership possibilities in STEM-focused careers

“A technician is a hard, dead-end job.”

6) They are unaware of the importance of STEM skills for achievement in nearly all jobs

“Nobody ever uses this science stuff after high school …. seriously, no one.”