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5 Ways to Connect the Pros of Social Media and Education


  1. James B NJ says:

    Sorry Ms. Hamilton, I don’t think you have this correct at all. Our catering to the social media formats is only hurting our children and doing them a disservice. I am in the classroom and they can’t read and process a set of directions towards an end goal. Some can yes, but most are just distracted and unable to focus because they are waiting eagerly for the next tweet or snapchat to come through. Do you want to see something interesting? Take a phone away from a snapchat addicted child for a day and see the anxiety in that child. Want to see something else? Take the phone away during class and they have to pay attention, kids WILL work in class and have no distractions. The most successful students (in school and life) will be the ones who can exist outside of social media and manage both in their lives.

    As parents and teachers we have a responsibility to teach the whole child and that include pulling their attention towards the bigger world, not teaching them through that social media porthole, the biggest distraction in education history.

  2. Ellen Egley says:

    Thank you for your input, James! This article is meant to help teachers take the things that students love about social media and integrate them into their classrooms to boost student engagement. We are not advocating for catering to students’ obsession with social media and allowing its use in educational settings for non-education purposes.

    We agree that things like limited attention spans are problematic in education, and try to share many tips with teachers to help them overcome these challenges. We have many resources about teaching the whole child, increasing empathy, and developing responsible citizens through education. We hope that you find these resources to be valuable.

    Have a lovely day!
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