With a bit of planning, communication, and creativity, you can have your teacher wish list dreams fulfilled this holiday season.

During the holiday season, teachers often receive many versions of the usual gifts. Whether students give mugs emblazoned with “#1 Teacher!” or Starbucks gift cards, there isn’t much variety when parents help their children choose holiday presents for educators. Giving unique gifts that are subject specific are fun, but these items don’t help make the job easier. This year, (politely) relay to parents that the best gifts are those that will help educate their children in 2018 by creating and sharing a teacher wish list!

1. Amazon Wish Lists

Through Amazon, teachers are able to create school supply lists, but this feature an also be used to create an idea list for the holidays. This feature allows teachers to think about the items they need and publish a list of supplies necessary to most effectively teach students. Amazon also allows teachers to create lists that are “In Progress,” which means educators can take their time when thinking about lesson plans and activities for the year. You can even add the STEM Jobs classroom kit to your Amazon wish list!

2. Scholastic Wish Lists

teacher wish listScholastic offers an option for educators to create wish lists for the books they need. After creating an account, teachers can easily build a wish list under “Our Book Fair,” which allows parents to browse. The site also allows teachers to share the list via email or on Facebook. To make the lives of teachers easier, Scholastic also offers “The Book Fairs App,” which provides seamless list management.

3. STEM Jobs Wish Lists

Teachers know that STEM Jobs works to provide thought leadership around trends in education and STEM activities for all grades. Through the STEM Jobs store, there are also classroom kits to support lessons. The perfect addition to any teacher wish list, every classroom kit provides STEM Jobs‘ issues, Hot Jobs posters, and project-based lesson plans that are aligned toward middle- and high-school standards. Educators can also add digital or print STEM Jobs subscriptions to a teacher wish list to keep students engaged in lessons. Anything on shop.stemjobs.com can be added to your wish list, and you can provide parents with promo code HOLIDAY to help them save 20% on everything through midnight December 31, 2017.

4. Start Spreading the Newsletter

teacher wish listShare a newsletter with parents and include potential field trip information for 2018. Include a link to a GoFundMe page dedicated to raising funds for materials that will help kids learn about relevant topics before they go, as well as any additional costs that might not be covered by the budget. When donating to GoFundMe campaigns, most donors seek details regarding how donations will be spent, so provide as much information about the trip details that will be funded as possible.

5. Say it Sweetly with Holiday Cheer

When approaching parents regarding a holiday teacher wish list, emphasize that while the usual gifts of mugs, gift cards, and chocolates are greatly appreciated, you would be happiest being prepared for the second half of the school year in 2018. Using languages such as, “While I appreciate every gift from each of my students, the best present is the peace of mind found in being prepared for the year ahead, teaching children with my own knowledge, complemented by the highest-quality tools,” will allow parents to understand the motives behind a holiday teacher wish list.

Once winter-break assignments have been distributed and the last holiday card has been accepted from a student, it’s time for teachers to embrace transforming back into mere humans for a few weeks. Use this time wisely to reconnect with friends, recharge a tired mind and body, and revisit some personal goals.

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