Make concepts more relatable than ever before while engaging students in a whole new way by blending sports and STEM in your classroom!

One of the most basic methods of piquing student interest in a STEM concept is to make the subject relatable to another topic they enjoy. Combine sports and STEM to engage more students when teaching these concepts.

1. Basketball + Physics

sports and STEMWhen teaching the relationship between physics concepts including speed, acceleration, and rotation, have students watch PBS’ video “The Physics of Basketball,” by John Fontanella, who works at the U.S. Naval Academy as a physicist. Borrow basketballs from the physical education instructor and head down to the gym with students. Have students throw the basketball as illustrated in the video and also use their own techniques to explore these concepts in sports and STEM. Another PBS approach that will allow students to venture further into the concepts of energy, elasticity, and air pressure is to compare the performance of different types of sport balls, including basketballs, baseballs, and tennis and golf balls.