portrait of a graduate

What is Your Ideal Portrait of a Graduate?

Taking time to consider what your ideal portrait of a graduate is can help you focus on the ideas and skills that are most important in your classroom.

The “portrait of a graduate” movement provides guidelines for teachers to plan, activate, create, and adopt practices that promote a global worldview through 21st-century skills. Start envisioning the qualities a well-rounded student will embody once he or she graduates to form your ideal portrait of a graduate.

As you begin to brainstorm which traits and skills are most important for students in your class to have when they graduate, consider each of the following domains.

Financial Literacy

portrait of a graduateInstilling a strong sense of responsibility for financial decisions in students is often overlooked. In addition to teaching students how to monitor checking and saving accounts, building credit, and how to apply for a loan, they should also understand that credit cards should be used in a responsible manner. By cultivating a sense of financial literacy in students through lessons regarding how to use money, credit, and the proper ways to save, educators can help kids avoid economic pitfalls later in life.

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